Friday, January 16, 2009

American Girl Doll Collecting

Author: Chris Jensen

Many young girls today are hooked up with collecting dolls like American Girl dolls. Well, this is not that surprising to know as it's totally fun and exciting to collect some pretty girl dolls and be able to dress them up and buy them some accessories, furniture, books, and presents, like you would do to a real dear friend.

Collecting dolls like American Girl dolls is a good, fun hobby. After getting a doll, you can buy her different cool and trendy clothes and accessories. You can do whatever you want with the doll. If you want your doll to look like sporty or be dressed like a princess, you can. If you also want her to be comfortable like a real dear friend, you can also get her beds, tables and chairs, trunks and other storage cases, and many other furniture options. You can also get her different pets, musical instruments, suitcases, horses and carriages to enjoy.

Also, if you want your doll to meet some new friends, you can bring her to some doll retail locations that offer special activities for doll collectors and their dolls. You and your doll can meet new friends and have lunch or tea. If you wish to have your doll's hair be trimmed or be cut, it is also possible in these retail locations. You can also visit some online resources and communities for doll collecting. For American Girl doll collecting, for sure you will find lots of these said resources and communities. In these places, you can interact with other collectors and eventually be able to share your doll with them and same thing as they eventually share their doll to you. You can engage yourself and your doll to parties and the like.

However, doll collecting can be expensive specifically when it's American Girl doll collecting. On the good side, the dolls you may possibly own can become investments. Most especially if they were released long long time ago.

But if you wish not to spend much, you can try looking at eBay and Amazon. In these places you can find retired or used dolls and discounted dolls that are in good quality. Clothes, accessories, books, furnitures and other great stuff for dolls are also available in these places. However, you must be careful and wise in checking of the quality of the dolls and the stuff for them to be sure you're getting best value for your money.

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This Author is a Big fan of American Girl Doll and American Girl Nellie.

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