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Build a Barbie Dollhouse

If you collect Barbie or just have children who enjoy playing with them, to
build a Barbie dollhouse can be a gratifying and meaningful experience for
you and your loved ones.

Hopefully these tips on how to build a Barbie dollhouse will help you with
your process.

There are a couple of advantages to building your own Barbie dollhouse.
There are many ways to build a Barbie wooden dollhouse of your own.

If you build your own dollhouse you can build it and sturdy enough to
accommodate the age of your child and the number of Barbie dolls they
typically play with.

This method can also allow you to personally build a design for your Barbie
dollhouse that is visually pleasing to yourself and most importantly the ones
you build it for.

Build dollhouse from scratch using your own creativity and choice of materials
(requires a relative amount of woodworking skill and expertise)

Build using Barbie dollhouse plans and materials suggested (must be somewhat
versed in woodworking)

Build your own Barbie dollhouse from a pre-assembled kit or using an existing
premade piece of furniture like a bookshelf.

Have a Barbie Dollhouse custom made for you (usually will build out of wood)

How to build a Barbie dollhouse books and how to guides are available as well
as dollhouse furniture and lighting to help enhance your final product. These
can be found at collectible stores as well as on the internet (eBay) and will
hopefully help you if you decide to build your own Barbie Dollhouse.

Whether you build your own Barbie wooden dollhouse, have one custom made,
or build one from a preassembled kit, to build a barbie dollhouse will provide you
much personal satisfaction and give something for your child to value for years
to come.

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Have Fun with Doll Games

Set the trend and be in the groove with Doll Games! Stay out of the routinary dress up of your favourite doll and see the new fun that you can have with virtual doll games. Doll games can give you the utmost fun and excitement made possible by the virtual world.

Fall is coming. Don’t let yourself be left out with doll games! Get the fashionable outfits and join the latest craze in the fashion world. Dress up glamorously with layered tops and follow the season’s color trend. A purple top with thin straps combined with mint green tank top matches the pair of cropped pants in pale brown! Wear on sports shoes and an oversized bag for a fearless outfit while walking down the street!

If you want the sophisticated glamour, an A-line skirt paired with an embroidered top and lace up sandals makes a perfect fall outfit for the doll games. Don’t forget the matching accessories like an intricate beaded earrings and a silver purse.

For a romantic date at doll games, a silver dress accented with beaded belt makes you pretty wonderful and classy. With the classic white pumps, you ooze with confidence and beauty!

Get the perfect hair style to match your outfit. Sport a long hair and have side-swept bangs to elongate your face. If you want a chic modern look, a chin-length bob makes a staring look to people who admire such beauty. A choppy and layered bangs on the other hand, dyed with the perfect blonde softens your features for an elegant glam look.

What else do you want to have with doll games? Do you want to have the party? Show off the runaway look and take the groove to the beat in the dance floor. Dress up in sexy shimmering outfit to stand out in the crowd. Be in the sexy style and rock to the coolest dance steps!

Refresh by retouching your make-up. Surely you do not want to look dirt and smudge while at the party. Use smudge-proof make up and highlight your best features of the face! Get a flawless finish and enhance your beauty. Be more gorgeous than ever with doll games!

After the groovy night party, you have to face another day. Why not stay at your home and pamper yourself with your most favourite foods! You can also look fashionable by being a chef. Find the perfect chef dress up and decide what to cook for lunch. Cook your specialty and brag about your cooking expertise among your friends. Of course they will forgive you for a little boastfulness.

Doll games present a lot of alternatives for you to relax and de-stress. Forgive yourself for being playful for the meantime and give yourself the luxury of your creative imagination.

Lisa Park is a 23 year old author and a blogger. She loves to surf the net, watch movies and listen to music. Regina Spektor is one of her favorite pianists. Playing dress up games is also one of her favorites. To find out more about her just drop by at Dress Up Games.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blair Bear - The Ultimate Teddy Bear.

blair bear and his missions.Here we see a Brown Bear. Looks cuddly doesnt he. But that is notalways what Luigi needs in his bears, and useless in cold climates.Contrast this with Arctic Bear above, quite a large customer, but not much good in warm climates. Luigi needed a third way.

And as luck would have it, a totally new type of bear appeared. Unlike any seen before, the new BlairBear.
He had apparently evolved, Darwinian like, just in the nickof time to save all mankind.

Unfortunately, after several seemingly successful years, his publicmentioned he looked a lot like Arctic Bear and to cap it all he wasfound to have thawing snow under his nails, kept under wraps before.

It was curtains for BlairBear.Its a fair cop Guv, I had a good run for my money he said.Nevertheless he comes in useful at times on special missions for Luigi,Like here, preparing an honest level playing field, then shiftingthe goalposts, a classic sign of BlairBears.

And here, by day, controlling the sea, Canute like, enthralling onlookers with his seemingly awesome tricks.Whilst by night he simply moves the beach.And leaves a little memento of what he calls his modest country residence.

He is available now should you want to set up a committee,or a seminar, or intensive investigation, or a council of war,or investigative panel, a quango, action group, listening panel,or even a full inquiry.

It takes seconds to activate these and they last months on end,and you dont have to comment on anything to do with it until it is over. He learned these skills from many years of hosting Teddy Bears Picnics in Antarctica, despite only having three bears at his disposal.

This new brown bear, the Gordon, is under testing with a view to full production in the near future. However there are teething troubles with his maths, and his propensity for taking money off smaller bears and then throwing it away, or just simply losing it and having to borrow it off bigger bears.

He also has a bit of a temper if he doesnt get his own way,and stamps on other friendly teddies.
Nevertheless he looks like no teddy we have seen beforedoesnt he children.

So all is not lost, a contingency plan is in place, and in anyevent Luigi employs old clapped out bears for devious missionslong after their original cover is blown.They are especially useful if they have dubious associates.

But is there then even a FOURTH way.Rumour has it that Blair Bears female partner, DamsonBear would have you think so, andis trying to invent one in time for next Spring,in case GordonBear is not quite ready in time,or squashes too many little bears before then.

Remember, this is all fantasy land, and the bears hereare all our friends.Both ArcticBear and BlairBear are sponsored by Northern Glacier Union Co.Blair Bear has been seen by people Have you seen Blairbear. What was he up to todayand where did you see him. Was he grinning.

If you saw him, please email with his location,as there are fears for his health or that he mayrun away Road Rage Rant for Blairbear Click HereView Road Rage Rants for Blairbear Click here

About the Author
deranged ex systems programmer also unhinged by an engineering background. over 40 so very old.

Steiff Alpaca White Polar Ted Bear 4”

Steiff Alpaca White Polar Ted Bear 4”

It is nature itself that has inspired very many Steiff animals and the Bear Teds are no exception. Across to America and then a little further north, where the polar bear extends a warm welcome. The Bear Teds are five friends from all over the world. Made of delicate alpaca and soft mohair, they will bring the whole world of bears into your home, either one by one or all together. This sweet polar bear is made from white alpaca with a black nose and eyes. This Steiff bear is jointed and surface washable.Ages 3 and up.By Steiff

Monday, October 13, 2008

20" African American Doll


20" Name Your Own Baby African/American Doll by Adora Doll

This stunning Africian/American Adora Doll is 20 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes and is from the Name Your Own Baby 2008 Collection. Pink pleats provide a pleasant contrast to the green floral print on this sweetheart’s dress. While the white crocheted trim accents around the edges as coordinating hair ties and sandals complete the outfit. And like the name says -- new "parents" can name their own babies. The birth certificate that comes with each doll has a place to include the doll's name, birth date and birthplace. The Doll of The Year Awards has honored Adora Original Doll many times. Adora Dolls are popular amongst children and adult collectors with their exceptional excellence. Adora Dolls have a weighted cloth body, so they can sit by themselves, as their head, hands and feet are vinyl. They have beautiful, realistic features and skin tones which helps to contribute to their appeal. "Huggable and Loveable", and so realistic looking, they are sure to find a way into anyone’s heart. Accessories are not included.Ages 3 and up.By Adora Original Doll

Reborn Dolls: Dolls To Look Like A Person

Dolls that look more like human children are an up and coming trend with collectors. Collectors and hobbyists like marvel over these realistic dolls and have, therefore, created a new market for the product. It is a skill, to create dolls that are true to life; but, it is a skill that is becoming coveted and sought after by people who are looking for something beyond the average and normal dolls you can find in stores.

A very large increase in the market for dolls in approximately the last five years is due to the extensive use of artistic production methods which have improved the quality of the dolls and made them much more lifelike. Berenguer and preemie dolls, which have been popular for years, have reenergized the market, due to their realistic shapes and expressions, lifelike construction and close resemblance to human babies.

A doll can go through a process in which it is upgraded and, in a sense, reborn. This requires the disassembly of the doll. The doll is stripped from its artificial appearance and the paint is removed to reveal a plastic shell. If necessary, the shell can be altered. In the end, a doll can transform into a more appealing and realistic model.Reborn dolls will then have a purple hue added to their insides, which will create color tones underneath the plastic. This enhances the realism of the doll's skin color. At that point, different skin tones are painted on the outside to add a true skin color, and other touches, such as skin lines, blemishes and other effects will help to make the doll appear more realistic.

From here, hair and eyelashes are added to the doll using real human hair or soft, humanlike mohawk faux fair, allowing the reborn dolls to have human characteristics. This process often is done by hand and by strand, which can take dozens of hours. Once this is completed, the doll is reassembled with a softer filling and underbelly, and then may have other additions made to create an even more lifelike appearance, such as a breathing or heartbeat sound box to create a realistic appearance of living.

For individuals who wish to make their own, and for those individuals wishing to put in less work, there are reborn doll collections available that able the customer to create their own reborn doll without putting in as much work. A lot of people are willing to dish out their money (paying as high as a few hundred dollars) to buy one. Newborn mothers have come to be one of the most popular receivers of these gifts, frequently imitating the condition of their children after birth, to have as a keepsake.

About the Author: Make no mistake about it, Creating more realistic child dolls is a growing trend among collectors and hobbyists. The term is Reborn Dolls. This new market is exciting for long time crafters, who have grown tired of the more typical and far less realistic dolls that have been on the market for years and years. The Berenguer and Preemie Dolls that have sold for years can be credited partially for the craze brought on by Reborn Dolls, as they began the trend of lifelike qualities and expressions that make them reminiscent of a real human baby.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Barbie Dolls--history of the Most Popular Doll Ever

In 1959 the first Barbie doll was shown at the New York toy fair. Billed as "New For '59,The Barbie Doll:A Shapely Teenage Fashion Model Price $3.00." Thus was born the Barbie doll phenomenon which is certainly one of the greatest success stories in toy manufacturing. Prior to Barbie nearly all children's dolls were child dolls rather than adult figures. Barbie changed all this.In 1945 Elliot and Ruth Handler formed a partnership with Harold Matson to manufacture picture frames. The two names Matson and Elliot were combined to form the company name Mattel. Elliot used the picture frame wood scrap to make doll house furniture. This was the start of the Handler furniture business.

About this time Ruth noticed that her daughter Barbara and friends preferred to play with adult paper dolls rather than child or baby dolls. The girls preferred a doll which could be their role model when they grew up. Ruth realised that there could be big commercial possibilities in the adult doll market. She discussed the idea with her husband but he felt that it would be too expensive to start making the dolls.Soon after this Ruth made a trip to Germany and purchased a doll called Lilli. This adult type doll was based on a German comic strip. On returning to the USA she began work to redesign the doll working with a doll clothes designer. The barbie doll was the result and it was named after Ruth's daughter Barbara. The doll was patented by Mattel in 1958 and introduced in 1959. She was to become one of the most well known and well loved toys ever made.

Barbie soon became a collectors doll and was avidly sought after by adult collectors. From 1959 to 1972 the Barbie doll had seven distinct changes in her appearance and design. These Barbies made up to 1972 are recognised as vintage collectible dolls by their fans and are eagerly sought after. The 1959 Barbie doll in mint condition will sell for thousands of dollars. Some have sold for as much as $8000 to $10,000 but you can buy them for much less and $2000 to $3000 is quite common. Later editions fetch proportionately less. Dolls made in the 1969 to 1972 period can often be bought for a few dollars.

Garage sales and flea markets are still the source of a few early dolls. About 300,000 of the 1959 Barbie were made and there are undoubtedly many out there still undiscovered.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boy doll by corolle


Calin Smiling 12" Boy Doll by Corolle

Calin Smiling Boy Doll by Corollehas a cuddly soft, beanbag body and can be posed just like a real baby. Calin baby dolls can wear any fashion from the Mon Premier collection; 12 inches tall with sleeping eyes.Ages 18 months and upBy Corolle

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cappuccino Mohair Steiff Teddy Bear

Steiff  Classic Teddy Bear Cappuccino Mohair 13?

Steiff Classic Teddy Bear Cappuccino Mohair 13?

It is obvious why this soft and shaggy Steiff Teddy Bear was given the name of Cappuccino with his brown and cream fur. Steiff Classic Teddy Bear Cappuccino Mohair 13? is also a born winner and took first place at a national Teddy Bear competition in the USA. Sue Ann Holcomb, an enthusiastic Steiff Teddy Bear designer from Texas is Cappuccino's mother, so to speak. And because the jury and all the contestants in the competition fell in love with him, Cappuccino is now available to all. This 33 cm tall is jointed and surface washable. Ages 3 and up. By Steiff


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