Monday, October 13, 2008

Reborn Dolls: Dolls To Look Like A Person

Dolls that look more like human children are an up and coming trend with collectors. Collectors and hobbyists like marvel over these realistic dolls and have, therefore, created a new market for the product. It is a skill, to create dolls that are true to life; but, it is a skill that is becoming coveted and sought after by people who are looking for something beyond the average and normal dolls you can find in stores.

A very large increase in the market for dolls in approximately the last five years is due to the extensive use of artistic production methods which have improved the quality of the dolls and made them much more lifelike. Berenguer and preemie dolls, which have been popular for years, have reenergized the market, due to their realistic shapes and expressions, lifelike construction and close resemblance to human babies.

A doll can go through a process in which it is upgraded and, in a sense, reborn. This requires the disassembly of the doll. The doll is stripped from its artificial appearance and the paint is removed to reveal a plastic shell. If necessary, the shell can be altered. In the end, a doll can transform into a more appealing and realistic model.Reborn dolls will then have a purple hue added to their insides, which will create color tones underneath the plastic. This enhances the realism of the doll's skin color. At that point, different skin tones are painted on the outside to add a true skin color, and other touches, such as skin lines, blemishes and other effects will help to make the doll appear more realistic.

From here, hair and eyelashes are added to the doll using real human hair or soft, humanlike mohawk faux fair, allowing the reborn dolls to have human characteristics. This process often is done by hand and by strand, which can take dozens of hours. Once this is completed, the doll is reassembled with a softer filling and underbelly, and then may have other additions made to create an even more lifelike appearance, such as a breathing or heartbeat sound box to create a realistic appearance of living.

For individuals who wish to make their own, and for those individuals wishing to put in less work, there are reborn doll collections available that able the customer to create their own reborn doll without putting in as much work. A lot of people are willing to dish out their money (paying as high as a few hundred dollars) to buy one. Newborn mothers have come to be one of the most popular receivers of these gifts, frequently imitating the condition of their children after birth, to have as a keepsake.

About the Author: Make no mistake about it, Creating more realistic child dolls is a growing trend among collectors and hobbyists. The term is Reborn Dolls. This new market is exciting for long time crafters, who have grown tired of the more typical and far less realistic dolls that have been on the market for years and years. The Berenguer and Preemie Dolls that have sold for years can be credited partially for the craze brought on by Reborn Dolls, as they began the trend of lifelike qualities and expressions that make them reminiscent of a real human baby.

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